Bee Cleen commercial cleaning services Sussex

Terms & Conditions

1. The Company will maintain a Public Liability Insurance Policy. Details of the Policy are available for inspection by the client. It accepts no liability whatsoever on behalf of itself, and its Staff or agents for any loss, costs, delay or damage pecuniary or otherwise, foreseeable or not, which the client, its servants, agents, customers or others may suffer or become liable for arising out of or in connection with the provision of Staff or the acts or omissions of any member of the Company’s Staff or the Company or any failure to provide a member of Staff for all or part of the period for which they are booked and the client will indemnify the Company against such liability and any costs or expenses incurred in connection with the same.

2. Subject always to the provisions of Condition 1, in no event shall the Company be responsible to the client for any loss or damage caused to the client’s property or any other complaint concerning the standard, amount or quality of work carried out by the Company’s Staff unless full details have been notified during normal office hours and within 24 hours of the incident complained of, to the Company office, and a representative of the Company has been given the opportunity of inspecting the property so damaged or the work complained of.

3. Should the client employ or engage or be instrumental in the employment or engagement by a third party of a member or the Company’s Staff or a former member of the Company’s Staff introduced to that client by the Company by direct employment or engagement other than through the Company either during or within six months after the termination of the provision of services to the client by the Company, the client shall immediately notify the Company and (whether notified or not) shall immediately become liable to the Company for a direct employment charge as determined by the Company which would be applicable at that time for provision of services of that member of the Company’s Staff by the Company which direct employment charge is acknowledged by the client to be a fair and proper charge for the recruitment of that member of the Company’s Staff by the client or at the instigation of the client.

4. A monthly invoice will be issued on the 1st of every month and must be paid within 30 days by BACS transfer, standing order or cheque. Failure to settle invoices within the 30 days period will result in debit interest being charged at a rate of 2% per month or part month and an additional late payment charge of £20.00 per month.

5. Cleaning is dependent on the company receiving a signed contract and acceptance form prior to commencement of services, confirming that the client agrees to the terms and prices of the contract.  The company’s terms and conditions are attached to the contract and acceptance and return of the signed copy confirms to the company that the client agrees with all conditions.

By the continued use of the services of the Company following a receipt of a copy of these Terms and Conditions whether upon commencement of the engagement of the Company or thereafter, the client acknowledges and accepts these Terms and Conditions.